Doğukan Gürsoy

Doğukan Gürsoy was born in 1992. His sports life started with basketball at the age of 9. He continued his sports life in professional clubs and school teams until the age of 18.

He graduated from Karabuk University Energy Systems Engineering department. He is doing a master's degree at Ahmed Yesevi University . The first year of the university reached 105 kilograms. During this period, he met with bodybuilding, started to shape his body and live a healthy life.

In this process, he started to participate in seminars and trainings to improve himself. Now, he is trying to prevent those who want to lose weight and live healthy, not to experience the difficulties he experienced.

He has MacFit, Istanbul Fitness Academy, Australian Sports Institute & Fitness Academy Fitness and Personal Training certificates.

Other Certificates;

IFBB Master Trainer Orhan Tezişçi 

Hypertrophy and Fat Burning,

Istanbul Fitness Academy 

Sportsman, Fitness and Vegan Fitness Nutrition, Ketogenic Diet, Intermitting Fasting Diet...,

Australian Sports Institute

Purpose-Built Fitness Training Programming Design,

Australian Sports Institute

Metabolic Phase Structure,

Medical Exercise and Fitness Trainers Association 

Functional Training,

Australian Sports Institute

Training Load Calculation Methods,

Australian Sports Institute

Movement Harmony and Muscle Anatomy



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